Transportation Management Program (TMP) Survey

The Transportation Management Program requirements for most affected buildings in the City of Seattle include a biennial tenant employee transportation survey to measure building SOV, or Drive Alone, performance. This survey is usually conducted in the Fall of odd years.

Tenants who are part of the Commute Trip Reduction program may conduct their own equivalent survey; check with your Commute Seattle specialist to find out if combining surveys is an option for you. Buildings conducting LEED or other similar surveys may also be able to satisfy their TMP survey requirement at the same time. Please contact Ann Sutphin at SDOT to find out if this option is available to your building.

Quick Links

If you’re familiar with the TMP Survey process and tools, here are some quick links.


Survey Process

If this is the first time you’ve managed a TMP survey, or you need a reminder, please see the process and resources below.

Steps Details
1. Schedule your survey.
  • Identify survey date.
  • Identify the employers in your building and their corresponding employee counts
2. Access the survey tool.
  • Commute Seattle sends you survey date confirmation and access to the WSDOT survey tool.
  • Log in to the survey tool.
3. Communicate with your tenants.
  • Inform your tenants and their employees of survey date and intent.
  • Commute Seattle provides a communication template you can use to communicate with tenants and their employees.
4. Launch survey on scheduled date.
  • You email a link to tenants that their employees use to access the survey on the first day of the survey (a Tuesday).
  • Commute Seattle provides a communication template you can use for tenants and for their employees.
5. Two weeks to complete survey.
  • You have two weeks to complete the survey.
  • More than 50% of employees must complete the survey.

Survey Requirements

No less than 50% of employees complete the survey. If less than 50%, your building must re-survey.
Survey all full-time day shift employees in the building (excluding worksites that Commute Seattle has identified via email as already having conducted an equivalent survey)

Survey Distribution

There are two methods for distributing the TMP survey: Online and Paper.

Online Surveys

Online surveys (recommended) are distributed over email by the Building Transportation Coordinator (you or someone at your property). Commute Seattle provides you with web resources for distributing and monitoring your online survey.

Paper Surveys

Paper surveys are available for buildings whose employees lack email addresses or require assistance with interpretation. Paper surveys are recorded using scantron technology, thus require additional attention and resources. Due to administrative costs the charge for instead administering paper surveys is $500 per TMP building. See the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I begin?

First complete your Pre-Survey Form. You will need to identify a full list of the tenant companies in your building, with corresponding employee counts for each. A minimum of 50% of tenant employees must complete the survey, so the employee count is required.

How will employees in my building access the survey?

When you send out the survey to tenant employees, they will access the survey through the website: You are responsible for sharing this link with your tenants.

Once at that website, employees access the survey with an email domain derived from your building’s address. This looks like an email address, but it is just a unique indicator for your building so you can track completed surveys.

To access the building survey, tenants will sign in use the following convention:
First name + middle initial + last initial + company + @<<Domain>>


In the example above, John Stephen Doe works at Widget Corp, which is located at 123 Fourth Ave. Any survey respondent who uses the domain will have access to take the survey.

Why does the online survey use this unique convention style?

This convention allows you to determine the response rate for each tenant company in your building. The WSDOT Survey Tool allows you to run reports on who has completed the survey. Since the name of company is listed in the domain, you can run a report and determine the number of people from the company – such as Widget Corp – who have completed the survey. If you are not meeting your response rate requirement of 50%, you can identify to companies that may need a polite reminder to complete their survey.

When do I send my survey to tenants and their employees?

In the Pre-Survey Form, you schedule a date for sending the survey to tenants and their employees. Two dates are available: April 24th and May 1st, 2018.

Which tenants do I have to survey?

You survey all the tenants and their employees in the building. In some cases, Commute Seattle identifies companies in TMP buildings that have already conducted an equivalent survey or who may be excluded. We send you a list of those companies via email.

When do I receive my survey results?

You receive the results once WSDOT compiles them into reports and SDOT has reviewed the final Drive Alone Rate (DAR), commonly referred to as SOV in your TMP documents. SDOT and Commute Seattle strive to return results within 6 to 8 weeks after the survey cycle has been completed.

Why conduct surveys at this time?

Surveys are conducted in the Fall of odd years. However, some sites may need to reschedule their survey for Spring. These seasons permit a diversity of travel options (transit, bike, walk, etc).

How do I schedule my survey?

Complete a short Pre-Survey Set-up Form online. Once Commute Seattle receives preliminary information, we schedule your survey in the WSDOT CTR Survey tool and confirm with you by email.

  • Prepare the necessary contact, employee population, survey date preference, survey type (online or paper), and any questions or comments for submission.
  • If you have any questions during the process contact your Transportation Specialist at Commute Seattle.
  • We will do everything we can to accommodate your first choice for survey week, however, our survey start times are dictated by server capacity identified by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). Submitting the pre-survey form early will increase your chances of surveying during your preferred week.
How do I get a high response rate?
  • Offer a gift card raffle for everyone who completes the survey;
  • Designate an individual at each tenant employer to take the lead on making sure surveys are getting out to employees; Have this designated person send out the initial survey email/announcement;
  • Follow up with tenants and employees directly, either targeting those who have not completed the survey or targeting departments who may be notorious at “ignoring” emails;
  • Use this sample email language to help with your email survey distribution.
What questions are asked in the survey? Can I test the survey or access it early?

A copy of the TMP Survey questions is available for download. Do not distribute this copy to employees. It is not the survey, but a copy of the questions that demonstrates the questions that employees answer.

Almost all employers use the online survey. You can test the survey system by following these instructions:

  • Go to
  • Log in to a test version of the survey with your last name and the email domain “”. Any word or last name should suffice, as long as you use the domain “”. For example, you could write or, and you’ll be able to enter the test version of the TMP survey.
  • On the next page, select the work site “King County Training”.
  • Navigate the questions in the survey. It requires 2-5 minutes.
My building will administer the paper survey. What’s the process?

Schedule your paper survey by filling out the Pre-Survey Form. Commute Seattle will confirm your survey date, and distribute the surveys to you by mail.

It is your responsibility to keep track of paper surveys and make sure the building gets at least 50% of its surveys completed in Number Two pencil and returned to Commute Seattle before May 25th.

Due to administrative costs, the charge for administering paper surveys is $500 per TMP building.

The guidelines for administering the survey can be downloaded here. Note that all surveys must be completed with a Number Two pencil and they cannot be bent, creased, or torn.

An example of the survey questions can be downloaded in advance here, but this example is not for distribution. The paper surveys that you distribute will be sent to you by Commute Seattle.

WSDOT has provided translated copies of the survey. These surveys are not for distribution. The actual survey is only available in English. Translated surveys are strictly for reference.