Transportation Management Programs (TMP)

    Commute Trip Reduction Champions 2015

    Commute Seattle works with the City of Seattle to monitor the Transportation Management Programs (TMP) implemented by property managers throughout the City. A Transportation Management Program (TMP) is a Master Use Permit requirement on private development to mitigate traffic congestion and parking impacts by reducing drive-alone automobile and motorcycle trips, otherwise known as single-occupant vehicle (SOV) trips. TMPs generally include two parts: 1) an SOV commute rate goal, and 2) required program elements that are designed to help the building achieve that SOV goal. Some TMPs have unique or parking-based goals that were established with their permit approval.

    Most TMP properties are required to complete TMP Surveys in odd years, and TMP Program Reports in even years. Commute Seattle staff will help you navigate these steps, and are available to consult on how you can elevate your commute programs and amenities to the next level.

    Learn more about TMP requirements at the City of Seattle TMP web page, or through their informational flyer. The 2015 Seattle TMP Director’s Rule includes information about TMP triggers, TMP development, and typical TMP elements.

    Highlights and Updates from Commute Seattle and the City of Seattle

    Congratulations to everyone who completed the 2017/2018 commuter surveys required for their building tenants!

    It was a difficult push for many, but this cycle we had incredible participation and fantastic levels of engagement from our Building Transportation Coordinators (BTCs). Thank you for doing your part to help keep Seattle moving!

    Interested in Real-Time Transit Information Displays at Your Building?

    SDOT is offering a partnership opportunity for non-profits, public agencies, or organizations that serve low-income populations to provide real-time transit information at their sites. These information screens can be a great amenity and service to building visitors when placed at high volume pedestrian traffic locations.

    This partnership is with TransitScreen. SDOT funds the first year of licensing and support and can offer advice on the screen content and installation. As a partner you must purchase a display screen and arrange for installation. Ongoing service after the first-year costs $99/month. Interested? Contact your Transportation Specialist at Commute Seattle to learn more!

    How Do TMPs Relate To The CTR Program?

    TMPs and Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) share the same overall goal of reducing single occupant vehicle trips. Therefore TMP and CTR programs can contain many similar elements. However, CTR requirements only apply to large (100+) employers, whereas TMPs affect physical buildings. TMPs apply to all of the tenants in a particular building.

    If you have any questions, please contact your Transportation Specialist:

    Transportation Specialist | Olivia Holden | Email

    Transportation Specialist | Dylan Jouliot | Email

    Transportation Specialist | Sarah Udelhofen | Email