Transportation Management

Commute Seattle works with property managers and employers to develop customized transportation policies, programs, amenities and benefits that allow employees to commute to work affordably, conveniently, and sustainably. Our transportation experts can help your business identify opportunities to improve commute programs and achieve sustainability goals, regulatory requirements, and parking management objectives.

Worksite Transportation Evaluations

Commute Seattle’s comprehensive Worksite Transportation Evaluation is a benchmarking tool designed to assess a worksite’s ability to support various commute modes. By analyzing commute patterns, employee home location and access to transit, and onsite parking supply and commuter amenities, our transportation experts can provide customized, data-driven policy recommendations for employers and property managers. A worksite evaluation can help your business better understand how employees and tenants arrive to work, and allows you to align parking policies, tenant services, employee benefits, and transportation amenities with your sustainability goals and regulatory requirements.

Relocation Services

Thinking of moving your business to Downtown Seattle? Or moving from one part of Downtown to another? Commute Seattle offers a suite of Custom Relocation Services, including customized analyses of transit availability and access to potential worksites, impacts on employee commuting, and educational employee seminars to prepare your staff for the big move. We can also work with your new property managers to provide transportation policies and amenities that will make commuting Downtown easier for your employees.

Commute Seattle will work with you to design custom transportation programs that best fit your needs. Contact us for more information.