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Why Park & Ride?

Did you know that instead of driving downtown, you can conveniently park at a lot outside the City and use transit to arrive at work stress-free?

The Seattle Squeeze continues to put pressure on our transportation system, meaning that now more than ever it’s best to avoid driving downtown. Driving alone puts you at a disadvantage, while transit remains a reliable and more enjoyable option to get downtown.

Choosing to park and ride frees up space on busy streets for all of us. Thanks for doing your part to keep people and goods moving safely during the Squeeze.

How Do I Park & Ride?

Check out your options on the map below.  For many lots, you can simply drive in and park – but bear in mind that some fill to capacity.  The map helps identify which lots typically have more spots.  Several lots have permit programs for solo drivers and/or carpool groups.

Using Transit

Parking Permits

Carpool and Single-Occupant Vehicle (SOV) parking permits give transit riders flexible access to reserved parking areas at many of the region’s busiest park and rides that regularly reach capacity during morning commutes.

For more information, visit:

Access Via Bike

Remember, driving isn’t your only option to access park & rides lots! Consider riding your bike. Biking is a great way to exercise while reducing your environmental impact. Better yet, many park & rides have bike lockers, so you can park your bike in a safe, secure and weather-resistant location. Use the map below to find out which lots have bike parking available.

Bike Lockers

Rideshare Services

Park & Ride Map

This map shows select high-demand park and ride lots in King County. Pin colors correspond to typical weekday parking utilization at each location. Click the pins to learn more about each lot.