Choose between two ORCA Business Programs

    ORCA is an electronic card used to pay for rides on public transportation throughout the Puget Sound region. Riders can load the card with funds to be used like a debit card, or add a variety of passes to cover fares on buses, trains, streetcars, and ferries.

    Seattle employees have come to expect great transit benefits from their workplaces and ORCA Business Programs make offering comprehensive transportation benefits easier than ever. Employers have the option of choosing between two different ORCA programs: Orca Business Passport and ORCA Business Choice. We at Commute Seattle are here to offer you all of the information you need to get started.
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    ORCA Business Passport

    Passport is a cost-effective, comprehensive, annual transportation pass program only available through employers. It includes unlimited rides for seven different regional transit agencies. It also provides a 100% vanpool and vanshare subsidy as well as a guaranteed ride home for participating employees in case of emergency. WSF passes can be loaded onto individual ORCA cards as needed. Employers must purchase Passport for all benefit eligible employees, and can cost-share with employees up to 50%. Pricing varies by location. Businesses in the Central Business District can cover an employee with a full year of unlimited travel for $706! The same pass would cost $2,268 per year at retail price. Click here to learn more.

    ORCA Business Choice

    Choice allows employers to load a dollar amount or a variety of passes, including PugetPasses and Washington State Ferry passes, onto their employees’ ORCA cards at retail pricing on a monthly basis. Business Choice gives the employer the flexibility to subsidize as much or as little of their employees’ transportation costs as they want, for as few or as many of their employees as desired. Click here to learn more.

    Pricing: To view retail prices for ORCA, please visit King County Metro’s Fare Select PugetPass to view monthly pass pricing.

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    ORCA Choice

    Choice allows employers to load a dollar amount or a variety of passes, including..

    Participating Businesses

    Learn more about who participates in ORCA Business Passport in downtown Seattle.

    ORCA Business Passport

    ORCA Business Passport is a cost effective, comprehensive, annual transportation pass program for employers.