ORCA Business Passport is a cost-effective, comprehensive, annual transportation pass program for employers with 5+ employees. Custom contracts are available to businesses with 500+ employees.

Passport Covers:

  • Unlimited rides on all regular bus services on Community Transit, Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, Metro Transit, Pierce Transit, and Sound Transit
  • Unlimited rides on regular Sound Transit Link light rail service
  • Unlimited rides on Sounder commuter rail
  • Unlimited rides on the Seattle Center Monorail
  • 100% vanpool fare subsidy on Community Transit, Kitsap Transit, Metro Transit, and Pierce Transit vanpool vans
  • 100% vanshare fare subsidy on Metro Transit vanshare vans
  • Unlimited rides on Seattle Streetcar, King County Water Taxi and Kitsap Foot Ferry
  • Emergency guaranteed ride home service (for trips meeting program criteria)

Benefits Include:

  • Offering employees an annual comprehensive transportation pass with a single card
  • Reducing administrative costs – the Passport annual program does not require monthly online administration or knowledge of what type of passes employees need
  • Managing employee cards online
  • Providing equitable transportation benefits to all employees
  • Employees have daily flexibility in choosing how they commute to work

Rules and Eligibility:

  • ORCA Business Passport is only available to individuals through their employer.
  • The program requires that a pass be purchased for every benefits-eligible employee at the worksite.
  • Companies can share up to 50% of the price of the pass with employees.
  • Participating companies must have a minimum of 5 employees depending on the location of the company worksite.


  • ORCA Business Passport prices are annual prices per pass. The price varies depending on the location of the company’s worksite.
  • Passport prices are adjusted every 6 months to reflect fare changes amongst the seven participating transit agencies.
  • Companies that participate in the ORCA Passport program typically demonstrate increased ridership after the first year. Renewal pricing for the area is adjusted to account for this increase.
  • New ORCA Business Passport customers are subject to an initial one-time $5 per pass card fee.
  • New ORCA Business Passport customers are eligible for a first-year incentive.

For more information on providing ORCA for your employees contact our transit specialist dialing (206) 613-3242 or via email at orca@commuteseattle.com.

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