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About Wallingford

  • Seattle crosswalk
  • Many people in Seattle bike all winter

 It is quiet, but there’s lots to do in terms of nightlife and restaurants, and it is in close proximity to a lot of cool neighborhoods, like Green Lake, Fremont, University District, and you can get downtown on public transit within 30 minutes on a good day!

It is very family oriented, ʺresidentialʺ if you will; it’s very safe, the residents are vigilant; an abundance of sweet treats (like ice cream and gelato!)

More accessible, quick transit to city center. Traffic on 45th going east.



Somewhat available (3+):

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Health care facilities/centers
  • Farmers markets/access to local produce

Scarcely available:

  • Arts/cultural centers
  • Outdoor activities
  • Educational facilities/centers
  • Police/fire/emergency department

We are well known for an abundance of this amenity:

  • Ethnic businesses