CTR Program Reports – Due October 1, 2020

The City of Seattle Commute Trip Reduction program requires affected companies to submit program reports in the Fall of even years. The next Program Report is due on October 1st, 2020. All worksites must submit a fully completed Program Report and Summary to Commute Seattle. We will begin outreach to ETCs in August 2020, which will include a link to the 2020 Program Report and instructions for completion. You may preview the questions towards the bottom of this page.

Preview the Questions

We strongly suggest you preview the 2020 CTR Program Report questions prior to submitting the program report for your worksite. You may need to research or consult additional people at your workplace in order to complete the Program Report; please be sure to give yourself enough time to complete it before the due date of October 1st.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CTR Program Report?

A standard report that describes the actions a CTR-Affected company has taken during the preceding year and the actions it will take in the coming year to promote alternative commute modes (i.e., non-drive alone). This required, bi-annual submission to the City confirms a CTR-Affected company’s fulfillment of various CTR requirements and shows the City how programmatic efforts are being made to influence employee travel habits. The Program Report provides a way to report on strategies and program elements you use to promote travel options to employees.

How often must an employee transportation coordinator (ETC) submit a CTR Program Report?

The City of Seattle requires employers subject to state and city CTR requirements to submit a Program Report biennially, online, on even years.

What is the (Optional) Program Summary?

We collect the best examples for best practices (anonymized at your request) to share with others and to use for our Champions Awards in the future. This is your opportunity to submit your best and most comprehensive communications piece, previously known as the Program Summary. Show us how you display your most recent commuting data, summarize your key achievements, and communicate the program to others. Examples could include a PDF copy of a flyer, or a screenshot of an intranet site. Only PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF files are supported. If you would like to submit another file type, please email it directly to your Commute Seattle Transportation Specialist. Find an example template online here.

How do I submit the CTR Program Report?

The CTR Program Report is administered via SurveyMonkey. A notification and link will come directly to the ETC contact on file via email. If you do not receive this link by August 15, 2020, contact Commute Seattle.

What happens after the CTR Program Report is submitted?

Once submitted, the Program Report is reviewed for its completeness, its inclusion of mandatory program elements, and the likelihood it will result in trip reduction.

Does the CTR Program Report count towards the CTR Champions Awards?

Yes! Your submission of the Program Report, engagement with Commute Seattle, transportation benefits and outreach, and a further reduction in Drive Alone Rates (DAR) will contribute to your recognition level within the CTR Champions program. You can boost your chances of receiving an award by submitting your best and most comprehensive communications piece, previously known as the Program Summary. This is an optional component of the CTR Program Report.

I’m in a TMP building. What does that mean for me?

For more information about TMPs, see the City’s guide here or contact Commute Seattle.

Where can I find the Commute Trip Reduction requirements?

Visit the Commute Trip Reduction webpage to see the requirements and City’s drive-alone rate goals for your workplace. Reach out to Commute Seattle directly to schedule a free consultation.