Welcome to your personalized Commute Trip Reduction Dashboard!

With the login code sent to you by your CTR Specialist at Commute Seattle, you can interact with your data like never before.

1. Commute Performance: The dashboard allows you to see your overall commute mode breakdown, a heat map of your employee’s home zip codes and how folks travel to work from each neighborhood… and more! You can easily find out where your staff are coming from, approximately how many live along primary transit or bike corridors, and identify potential hotspots for carpools, vanpools and employee shuttles.

2. Programmatic Peer Comparison: How do your transportation programs, benefits and amenities stack up against your neighbors or industry peers? You can see where you’re falling behind, keeping up, and even the areas where you’re leading the pack. Let prospective and current employees know that you’ve got an edge over the competition, and strategically invest in new programs.

The information shown here is pulled from a combination of CTR survey results and program reports. If you would like to update your information or request additional functionality, let us know at CTR@commuteseattle.com. Updates may take up to 4 weeks to complete. Customers who use alternative data formats may not have access to the performance page, but can still benefit from the programmatic scorecard. PDF exports of the tool are available upon request.

This dashboard is provided to members of the City of Seattle’s Commute Trip Reduction program by a partnership between SDOT, WSDOT, Tableau and Commute Seattle. Please scroll down to view the dashboard and enter your login code, followed by the Enter key. If no icons appear, double-check your code for spaces and symbols. If you continue to have trouble accessing the dashboard, please contact CTR@commuteseattle.com.