Big Benefits for Big Companies

    Commute Trip Reduction Champions 2015

    Keeping people and goods moving is key to the success of all businesses in Seattle, whether you have clients who need to reach your office or deliveries to get to your customers. Your employees are the other part of the equation, and offering them choices for how to get to work can be crucial for recruitment and retention. Investing in transportation options, from walking and bicycling to public transit and carpooling, not only allows your business to grow and thrive, but may also save you time and money.

    As an employee, choices for how to get to work are integral in getting your day going smoothly. Whether you want to sit back and let someone else do the driving or get some morning exercise, transportation options put you in control of your commute to work. The transportation benefits that your employer can offer you will save time and money, support your productivity, and make your day just a bit easier.

    CTR Law

    Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) is a state law passed in 1991 that requires large employers (100+ employees) to mitigate the traffic impacts of their business by working to reduce driving. The CTR law has been key to reducing Downtown Seattle’s drive-alone rate to historic lows, including only 27% among Center City CTR companies! Is your company keeping up?

    Commute Seattle provides comprehensive regulatory support for businesses affected by the CTR law. We understand that complying with regulations can be a complex and confusing process, but we’re here both to make it easy for you and to maximize the value you can get from your employer commute programs. If you have questions about Commute Trip Reduction, such as how to meet your requirements or how to start and maintain an employer commute program, check out our resource library or contact one of our CTR Specialists:

    CTR Program Manager | Olivia Holden | Email

    Transportation Specialist | Dylan Jouliot | Email

    Transportation Specialist | Sarah Udelhofen | Email