Seminars and Public Outreach

Commute Seattle works as a conduit between Seattle businesses, the commuters they serve, and the diverse transportation network within the region. In this capacity, our commuter education programs reach thousands of commuters each year through Transportation Fairs sponsored by property managers, building owners and employers. Through hour-long seminars, we also offer in-depth education on commute options and other topics.

Offering a transportation fair or commuter seminar is a great way to stay ahead of the game by helping your employees or tenants navigate their rapidly changing transportation choices. Commuter education is an easy way to retain top talent, and show a commitment to green business practices. Let Commute Seattle do the work to design and promote a commuter education event for you.

 Commuter Seminars

Our one-hour lunchtime seminars allow us to dive deep into the transportation issues affecting your employees and tenants. Whether you are relocating to a new building, adapting to construction changes, raising enthusiasm for bicycle commuting, or educating employees on their transportation benefits, our seminars will get you there!

Topics include

  • Transit Transformations: How Downtown’s transportation network will change over the next decade
  • Getting Around Downtown: Transportation tips for commuters on the go
  • Commuters and Computers: Mobile technology for commuters on the go
  • Winter Bike Commuting: How to stay warm, dry, and motivated all winter long
  • Relocation Seminar: Moving buildings? let us help you make a seamless transition
  • Bike 101: Learn about rules of the road, best practices and how to pick your route
  • Smart Commute Choices for Employers: Designing effective employee commute programs
  • Rideshare Meetup: Learn about all of the various carpool and Vanpool options, sign up to find a new commute buddy

Contact us for pricing and more information.

Public Events

Commute Seattle offers several free seminars and commuter education events throughout the year to keep commuters, businesses, and property managers plugged into what’s happening Downtown. Businesses can easily host or sponsor one of these events. Contact Kevin Futhey (206) 613-3230 to find out more about sponsorship opportunities.

Examples include

  • Taxes & Transportation (January): This seminar is held annually to update employers on available tax deductions, commuter tax benefits, and updates to state and federal statutes.
  • Technology Seminar (February): This seminar is held 1-2 times annually, with a focus on new tools and technologies available to savvy commuters. Topics covered include Shared Ride Services (Uber, Lyft), Real-Time Arrival Info (Transit App, OneBusAway, Google Maps), Carsharing (Zipcar, Car2Go, ReachNOW, Scoop), and integrated multi-platform solutions (such as RideScout).
  • Bikes and Bakeries Challenge: Commute Seattle’s revamped annual celebration of Bike Month.
  • Light Up Your Ride (October): In preparation for the short days and dark commutes of winter, we bring out the latest in bike lighting, reflective gear, and more to stress the critical importance of visibility to bike commuting safety. In the past, Light Up Your Ride is held the Friday before Daylight Savings Time ends in Downtown’s McGraw Square.

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