Sail The Salish Sea

The Puget Sound geography creates a unique and beautiful transportation choice for many area residents. Commuting by ferry is a viable choice because of the area’s network of state ferries and county run Water Taxi’s. Downtown Seattle workers can wake up on the Islands and be work in the economic center of the state in as little as 20 minutes.

Washington State Ferries

The Washington State Ferries are the largest ferry fleet in the United States, with 22 vessels on over a dozen routes. Two routes serve Downtown’s Pier 52:

  • The Bainbridge-Downtown route provides hourly service with a crossing time of 35 minutes.
  • The Bremerton-Downtown route provides service every 60-90 minutes with a crossing time of 60 minutes.

King County Water Taxi

King County operates two passenger-only water taxi lines to connect outlying water-bound neighborhoods with Downtown Seattle:

  • The West Seattle Route ferries people between Downtown’s Pier 50 and West Seattle’s Seacrest Park. Service operates weekdays only during the winter, and 7 days per week during the summer months.
  • The Vashon Island Route connects Pier 50 with Vashon Island in just 22 minutes, 4 times as fast as taking the car ferry and transferring to a bus. Service operates during weekday peak hours only.
  • The new Kitsap  Kitsap Fast Ferry service from Bremerton to downtown Seattle began July 2017. This30-minutee service will provide a new level access between the two destinations. Phase two will include similar service from Kingston and Southworth in 2018 and 2020.