Join Commute Seattle and special guests for our Commute Connections online series. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, workplaces are seeking information to make informed decisions for their staff and business. Over the coming months, visit this page to find information and resources related to transportation and remote work.

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    Past Webinar Recordings

    Supporting Working Parents with the Return to Remote School Webinar

    With remote school beginning across our region on September 4th, working parents have been scrambling to prepare their students for school from home, while they work from home. This webinar provides employers with vital information on how to support working parents with the return to remote school. Hear from a panel of working parents who are also experts on working parent resources, Human Resources and commuter programs, and gain valuable insight into how businesses are creating a supportive work environment for their parents during this unprecedented school year. Watch the full webinar!

    Properties & Buildings: Transportation Considerations for Phased Re-Opening 

    Seattle 2030 District partnered with Commute Seattle for a session on July 30th to provide perspectives on transportation and commute trends.

    Building owners and property managers are working hard to prepare their buildings for future phases of re-opening. While there are many details to consider within a building, it is just as important to understand how tenants will be arriving, and how you can meet their needs in a safe, economical way.

    Commute Seattle reviewed how COVID-19 has changed the transportation landscape, ways tenant commutes might change, and specific details you should consider in different arrival areas of your building. Watch the video recording or download the presentation.

    King County Metro: COVID Transportation Information

    We’ve heard a lot of questions lately.  Is it safe to take transit? How is Metro handling social distancing? What buses will have less service this fall? Please join King County Metro and Commute Seattle as we answer these questions and respond to yours.  We’ll have experts from Business Services, Rideshare, Service Planning, and Operations to discuss public transportation during COVID. Watch the webinar recording.

    Remote Management & Teleworking Culture: The COVID-19 Era with King County Metro

    King County Metro’s WorkSmart consultant, Elham Shirazi, will explore key topics for establishing a successful telework program during and after COVID-19. These topics include work performance, employee engagement, telework agreements, the legalese of teleworking and more. Strategies will be discussed for managers on communications, developing goals and deliverables, remote management of teams, tracking of challenges and resolutions and virtual collaboration while teleworking. Watch the full video or download the full presentation.

    Commuting During Phased Re-Opening: What You Need to Know 

    We heard from many businesses about their concerns about how their employees will get to work as COVID-19 restrictions lift. In this webinar, we provided an overview of the transportation landscape – looking a bit at past and present, then pivot to walk through several commute modes, with ideas & considerations you should consider for your workplace. This particular webinar focused on getting to the workplace (leaving from your front door, traveling, and arriving at the front door of your workplace) with the state of the pandemic right now. Download the full presentation and watch the webinar recording below.

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