FlexworkWhat is Flexwork?

Flexwork is a holistic suite of workplace policies, allowing commuters to avoid travel during peak commute hours.

Flexwork policies include:

  • Telework/Remote Work: allows employees to skip a commute trip and work remotely, either from home or another location.
  • Flexible Scheduling: shift commute trips out of peak commuting hours (aka rush hour) to avoid congestion on roads or transit.
  • CWW: allows an employee to work a traditional 35-40 hour work week in less than the traditional number of workdays.
  • Satellite Office: establishes a work location that is physically separate from an employer’s main office, shortening or simplifying commute trips for a nearby concentration of employees.

Who can Flexwork?

  • Businesses of all sizes, locations and industries can implement Flexwork policies!
  • Many companies start with pilot programs to evaluate which positions or teams are best suited for Flexwork options.
  • Work with Commute Seattle to get started!

Why Flexwork?

  • Employee recruitment, retention and work/life balance
  • Workplace productivity
  • Environmental impact
  • Cost savings for business and commuters
  • Reduce need for office space

Flexwork Resources: