Private bike amenities in Downtown Seattle have improved – but is it enough?

Downtown Seattle has changed a lot since Commute Seattle conducted the first 2010 Bicycle Amenity Inventory. After surveying over 1,000 Downtown Seattle buildings in our 2015 Bicycle Amenity Inventory, we found a 49% increase in bicycle parking. This seems like a big jump, but will it be enough to support the anticipated increase in need in the coming years? Here’s some of the high level results we found in 2015. The full report lives HERE.


2015 Bicycle Parking Inventory


While the city manages and inventories long and short-term bike commuter parking in the public right-of-way, Commute Seattle tracks bike commuter parking in private buildings. It is important to understand whether enough bicycle commuter parking exists Downtown to accommodate the current and future needs of bicycle commuters.

According to Bicycling Magazine, Seattle is the 4th most bike friendly city in the US. Current Downtown bike commuters—and would-be bike commuters— frequently request more destination facilities like commuter racks, lockers and showers at their workplace.

To ensure Downtown Seattle remains a great place to live, work, shop, and play, it is imperative we accommodate a booming employment population to encourage and meet the needs of this growing group of commuters by assessing and providing adequate end-of-trip facilities.