ORCA Business Passport covers so much more than transit.

ORCA Business Passport covers unlimited trips on buses, trains and water taxies throughout the Puget Sound region, as well as several other King County Metro programs. Here are three additional Metro programs that can make commuting better when you have an annual ORCA Business Passport.

KCM-Vanpool-ORCA-Business-Passport100% Vanpool Fare Subsidy Coverage
Passport gives your employees access to King County Metro’s Vanpool program, which has the largest vanpool fleet in the nation. Using Vanpools is a great commute option for employees who prefer riding to work with coworkers in a shared van. Passport covers all van costs, including gas, maintenance and insurance. With a Passport, your employees can join one of 1,600 existing Vanpool groups or find four other coworkers to start a new Vanpool group.


ORCA Business - Peer Campaign Midtown Chiropractic & Rehabilitation TestimonialHome-Free Guarantee Program
King County Metro’s Home-Free Guarantee program offers your employees up to eight (8) free trips home if emergencies or unexpected late work prevents them from catching their planned transit, carpool or bike ride home. If you have an ORCA Business Passport program, your business can save on the costs of providing trip reimbursements in case of unexpected emergencies.


Via to Transit
KCM Via to Transit Mt. Baker Link StationVia To Transit launched last April and is a first and last mile solution for your employee’s commute. Via to Transit is an on-demand shuttle service connecting riders to five transit hubs within South Seattle and Tukwila. If you’re a business with employees taking transit to work from Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello, Rainier Beach, and Tukwila International Blvd stations, their ORCA Business Passport cards cover the cost of using these shuttles to go between the transit center and home or work.


To learn more about ORCA Business Passport or to see if this employee benefit program works best for your business, email us or schedule a complimentary ORCA for Business consultation with our sales specialists.