Your Buildings Are Your Business

Happy, satisfied tenants keep your building thriving. Providing commute-friendly tenant amenities will help keep your buildings in demand and ahead of the curve, and even small investments can pay huge dividends.

For over 10 years, Commute Seattle has been working with building owners and property managers to help get the most out of their real estate. We provide consulting services for Transportation Master Planning and LEED requirements, parking management strategies, best practices in providing transportation amenities such as; bike racks, lockers and showers, transportation screens, and more. We also offer a variety of educational services for your building including transportation fairs and commuter seminars. Let us help you navigate Downtown Seattle transportation options, leverage employer commute programs, tax benefits and emerging technologies that make commuting easier.

Please visit our Services Page for details on consulting and commuter education opportunities for your building.

How Do You Get There, Seattle?

Commute Seattle’s Center City Mode Split Survey shows that over 70 percent of downtown Seattle commuters are choosing not to drive alone.


We work with property managers and employers to develop customized transportation policies, programs, amenities and benefits that allow employees to commute to work affordably, conveniently, and sustainably.

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Commute programs build better business