Your Employees Are Your Greatest Assets

Employees arriving to work should be relaxed and ready for a productive workday. For over 10 years, Commute Seattle has helped Seattle businesses of all sizes unlock their potential and empower employees to utilize convenient, affordable, and sustainable transportation options. There are so many tools in the tool belt for today’s commuter and we will help your business understand and leverage all of your options.

We’ve found that employees in Seattle value transportation benefits right up there with healthcare and retirement benefits. Even if you already offer transportation benefits, we can work with your company and analyze commuter behaviors and available options, parking expenses and management, as well as company finances to see if we can make commuting easier for your employees – and save your company money. Our employer programs also support employee morale, retention and hiring efforts.

Be a Commute-Friendly Business

Commute Seattle works with larger companies in Seattle to help administer their Commute Trip Reduction programs and smaller companies to set up employer programs such as the popular ORCA Business Passport program. Commute Seattle also offers a variety of consulting and educational outreach services for all employers. If your company is growing, relocating or simply wants to make commuting to work easier for employees we’ve got you covered.

Whether you are interested in taking advantage of commuter tax benefits and incentives, implementing a telework policy, or improving your building’s bike amenities,  we have the expertise to support your decision making. Scroll down for all the ways Commute Seattle can help you improve your business’s transportation program and get the most out of your greatest assets.

New Eastside Park-and-Rides Open

The East Link Park and Ride closure page has a map with the new park-and-ride locations.

How Do You Get There, Seattle?

Commute Seattle’s Center City Mode Split Survey shows that over 70 percent of downtown Seattle commuters are choosing not to drive alone.

ORCA Business Passport

ORCA Business Passport is a cost effective, comprehensive, annual transportation pass program for employers.