One Center City

Downtown Seattle is a vibrant hub of activity and it’s growing at an incredible pace. In the next 20 years, downtown will add 25,000 more households and 55,000 new jobs. Knowing our streets aren’t getting wider, key agencies have come together to craft a 20-year transportation strategy to keep downtown moving and create great, safe and inviting public spaces.

Called One Center City, this effort is led by Commute Seattle’s partners; the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA), Seattle Department of Transportation, the Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development, King County Metro and Sound Transit.

Recently the One Center City team released a set of potential near-term transportation options for public review and input. These alternatives address challenges that will arise between 2018—when buses are removed from the downtown transit tunnel—and 2021, when our regional light rail system continues to expand.

Share your input

This is an important initiative with many stakeholders—including you. We invite you to visit the project website and online open house review the near-term findings and share your thoughts today.

The virtual open house is live through Friday, March 3. Find out more about the entire project at