• Light Up Your Ride

    Light Up Your Ride

    Bike Safety and Breakfast

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  • Future of Light Rail & Kitsap Foot Ferry on the Ballot

    Future of Light Rail & Kitsap Foot Ferry on the Ballot

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  • Residents and Commuters!

    Residents and Commuters!

    Can you take Just One Trip more?

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  • The Puget Sound Commute Portal

    The Puget Sound Commute Portal

    Trip planning, traffic alerts, transportation news & events

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  • Meet Seattle’s Bike Friendly Businesses

    Meet Seattle’s Bike Friendly Businesses

    Bikes Mean Business!

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For over 10 years, Commute Seattle has helped Seattle businesses of all sizes unlock their potential and empower employees to utilize convenient, affordable, and sustainable transportation options. There are so many tools in the tool belt for today’s commuter and we will help your business understand and leverage all of your options.

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We recognize that providing commute-friendly tenant amenities will help keep your buildings in demand and ahead of the curve, and even small investments can pay huge dividends. We provide consulting services for Transportation Master Planning and LEED requirements, parking management strategies, best practices in providing transportation amenities and more. Let us help you navigate Downtown Seattle transportation options, leverage employer commute programs, tax benefits and emerging technologies that make commuting easier.

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Getting to work can even be relaxing and productive. No matter how you get there, we can help make it easier. The Commute Portal contains a multi-modal trip planner, traffic twitter feed, transportation news and public events such as Bike Commuting 101 Seminars.

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Downtown Seattle Parking

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